Patient Experiences Pain Relief from Treatment for TMJ

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Sleep Injuries – Can I Really Hurt Myself While Sleeping?

Imagine this headline splashed across the cover of a tabloid newspaper: “Your Mattress is trying to Kill You!” This sounds silly, and of course it is! Mattresses are harmless things, and they won’t cause you any harm. Or will they?

Sleep Injuries

Did you know that you can actually injure yourself while sleeping? Ever noticed how you feel achy and painful after a night sleeping on a mattress you thought was great? If so, you’ve become a victim of sleep injuries.

Hyperbole aside, you actually […]

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Pioneer William Dement Talks “Sleep” With me at AAPMD’s Oakland Symposium

William Dement is an American sleep disorder pioneer and founder of Stanford’s Sleep Research Center, the world’s first sleep laboratory, sometimes referred to as the father of sleep medicine. He appeared at AAPMD’s symposium on airway issues in Oakland on June 14, 2013. Listen to my interview with WIlliam Dement.

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John Mew, Inventor of Biobloc, Receives Award at AAPMD Conference in Oakland

John Mew, developer of Biobloc orthotropic appliance, was honored at AAPMD’s Oakland conference on sleep disordered breathing on June 14, 2013.

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The Link between Sleep and ADHD in Children


In a presentation before a Seminar sponsored by the AAPMD on March 9th, Dr. Stephen Sheldon, a noted pioneer in the field of pediatric sleep medicine, explains the relationship between attention deficit disorders in children and sleep disorders. He also emphasizes the importance of sleep evaluations in children with ADHD or learning difficulties.

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Dr. Gelb Talks “Sleep Disordered Breathing” on BlogTalkRadio

Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) leads to inflammation which can worsen cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even periodontal disease. Discover the important role of dentistry in preventing systemic inflammation. Speaking with Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH, host of Cross Link Radio, Dr. Gelb offers his informed opinions.
Click below to listen:

Popular Health Internet Radio with Cross Link Radio on BlogTalkRadio
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What is sleep texting?

Sleep texting is becoming an all too common parasomnia. It’s right up there with sleepwalking. It affects mostly teenagers and young adults as well as all of us who can’t live without our smartphones.  Sleep texting fragments sleep and may point to additional sleep disorders. Sleep disorders are especially a concern in teens and young adults because their developing brains lack restful NREM or memory enhancing REM sleep. See Dr. Gelb interviewed by Dr. Steve on pix11.



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ABC World News Now on Sleep Texting with Dr. Gelb

Can texting really affect the quality of our sleep? Watch Dr. Gellb’s interview on ABC World News Now!

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6 Things You Should Know About Sleep Texting

  1. Sleep texting disrupts sleep. Fragmented sleep interrupts the body’s process for nightly restorative functions – muscle repair, memory consolidation and hormone production for regulating growth and appetite.
  2. Sleep affects how we look and feel each day. It also impacts performance and the ability to fully engage at school, work or in sports. Long-term sleep deprivation will result in daytime fatigue and impaired executive function. Sleep texting may be a sign of a high-risk health issue such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is now linked to attention deficit (ADHD).
  3. Teens and young adults are most affected. However, all of us who […]
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