Dr. Michael Gelb, DDS, MS has earned the prestigious award of Top Doc New York® multiple years in a row and is a NYC top rated, best in class doctor on Vitals, HealthGrades, MakeMeHeal, Google, RateMDs, and other doctor’s services rating websites. Dr. Gelb has been featured as a TMJ and Sleep Sleep Disorders authority in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Fox News, Fox Business NewsCBSCNN, Women’s DayElleThe DoctorsABC News, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post, and other national and international newspaper and networks.

November 19, 2020 – The Strategist – The Best Over-the-Counter Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinders, According to Dentists

While teeth grinding, or bruxism, caused by clenched jaw muscles, does occur while you’re awake, sleep bruxism is more difficult to treat, as many patients are unaware that they even have the problem. The issue is so common, though, that New York City dentist Dr. Lana Rozenberg says one in four of her patients’ teeth show some type of wear pattern consistent with grinding. It’s also often only detected when seeking treatment for symptoms like headaches, facial or jaw pain, or worn-down teeth, or if a bed partner notices the grinding sound.


July 7, 2020 – Sleep Review Magazine – Why My Dental Practice Treats Only TMD and Sleep

Michael L. Gelb, DDS, MS, learned early on that the dental profession could encompass far more than teeth. With his father, Harold Gelb, DMD, pioneering treatments for the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the young Gelb saw a commitment to total wellness.

“He treated headaches, neck pain, and back pain,” remembers Gelb, owner of The Gelb Center with offices in New York City and White Plains, NY. “He’d put heel lifts into people’s shoes and give injections to the neck, back, and shoulder. He’d be doing stuff that no other dentist in the United States was doing.”


February 23, 2018 – WNYW TV Fox 5 – Sleep Solutions

April 28, 2017 – ELLE Magazine – The Mysterious Answer to My Unrelenting Insomnia

I’d wake in the middle of the night, gasping for breath as though surfacing from a near drowning. My heart would be racing, my skin clammy, my organs suffused with grief and fear, like I’d been pickled in some bitter brine while I slept, and now, at 2 or 3 a.m., I was fighting my way out of the jar. I’d then proceed to lie awake for hours, my life flashing before my eyes—but only the sad, bad, mad parts.


April 16, 2017 – SheKnows – Why Do We Snore, & How Can We Make It Stop?

We checked with Dr. Michael Gelb, director of The Gelb Center, and he was able to get us the 411 on snoring. “Snoring is a sound caused by a narrowing of the airway from the nose down to the throat,” says Gelb. “People snore as they fall asleep and the jaw and throat muscles relax. Gravity and loss of protective reflexes allow collapse of the airway.”


March 3, 2017 – Eye Opener TV – Snore Expert Shares Snoring Solutions That Work

January 30, 2017 – Marie Claire – 5 Expert-Approved Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

On a more biological level, Dr. Michael Gelb of New York’s Gelb Center—who specializes in sleep disorders related to a blocked airflow—blames the very common, yet rarely-discussed, issue of having a narrow airway (what causes thunderous snoring, in other words).

Below, both make recommendations on how to re-program your sleep environment so that you can hit those “restful sleep goals” and wake up more refreshed in the morning.


2016 – CRANIO® – The Journal of Craniomandibular & Sleep Practice


April 12, 2016 – The Doctors – TV Star Opens Up About Health Crisis

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Star, Janet Hubert, opens up on “The Doctors” about a secret health crisis she’s been battling for years…Could you be experiencing the same symptoms? Then, the surprising side effect that turned one woman into a kleptomaniac after plastic surgery. And, should you vape your vitamins?


February 1, 2016 – Sleep Review – NSF 3D Pediatric Model Aids in Sleep Education

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) added a pediatric model to its Sleep Disordered Breathing Anatomical Models in January 2015. The 3D Sleep Disordered Breathing Pediatric Anatomical Model enables primary care physicians, sleep specialists, and pediatricians to more easily show patients and parents the anatomical differences between normal and obstructed breathing functions.


September 19, 2014 – Huffington Post – Is Your Child a Mouth-Breather? There’s New Help at the Dentist

There’s a new approach to treatment among a small but growing group of dentists, orthodontists and sleep specialists. New York City dentist Michael Gelb, D.D.S., is one of these experts who first look at what might be disturbing sleep and breathing. He points to the work of scientists like Christian Guilleminault at Stanford’s Sleep Medicine Center, a pioneer in the area of obstructive sleep apnea who has studied premature babies born as mouth-breathers with high, narrow palates. “Many researchers have also shown how mouth-breathing leads to a long face, receded jaw and future TMJ and headache issues,” says Gelb. “It’s key to open the airway as early as possible — age three isn’t too early. It’s not necessary to wait until all the teeth are in. We believe in developing the upper jaw and bringing the lower forward instead of pulling the upper jaw back to meet the retruded lower.”


January 16, 2014 – The Daily Meal – 8 Foods That Keep You Up All Night

With the new year comes a list of resolutions to get healthy and fit. Eating right and getting regular exercise are important, but nothing keeps you in better health than a good night’s sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep each night can leave you feeling rested and ready to take on the day. But falling asleep easily greatly depends on what you ate for dinner.


October 16, 2013 – The Atlantic – Sleeptexting Is the New Sleepwalking

Casey Vandeventer did not mean to text the name of her dead father to a friend. In fact, she wasn’t even conscious when it happened.

No, this isn’t the beginning of a ghost story and Vandeventer, 31, wasn’t possessed. She was sleeptexting, and she’s not alone, according to researchers like Dr. Michael Gelb, a clinical professor at New York University’s College of Dentistry and founder of The Gelb Center in New York.


October 1, 2013 – Fox News – Are you ready to deal with ObamaCare exchanges?

media fox news

September 26, 2013 – ABC News – Cell Phone Addiction May Lead to Sleep Texting

November 30, 2010 – New York Times – Do Scans of Our Teeth Help or Hurt?

While your article is timely, its tone can lead to confusion.

Let’s put this issue into perspective. I have never heard of a case of oral, head or neck cancer as a result of dental X-rays. We must be careful, but let’s not panic.

The reason that most dentists continue to use the slower D-speed film for X-rays, though it emits a higher amount of radiation, is that it provides clearer images than faster E-speed film.

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