Complete Health Dentistry NYC: Oral Systemic Wellness Hygienist

Are you aware that the health of your mouth reflects the health of your body and mind?
Have you heard that preventing heart disease, dementia and diabetes starts in the mouth?
That is correct. The mouth is the entry point not only for food but also for bacteria that end up in
your gut, and both small and large intestines. Ancient healers from India and China, and now Germany look at the tongue as an indicator of stomach, kidney, lung and spleen health.

Our best in class and top rated NYC oral systemic wellness hygienist is able to identify through a simple salivary test whether patients are harboring bad bacteria or bugs that have been implicated to cause cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and even birth complications.

We are looking to transform the lives of patients who believe in getting to the root cause of the
problem and understand the work of both Bale and Doneen and Dale Bredesen.

One of the main challenges is eliminating the bad pathogens while improving and maintaining
the helpful healthy bugs. These are defined as microbiomes, which we have in our gut, mouth
and brain.

All microbiomes influence each other. The microbiome in our gut is connected to the production of serotonin which affects everything from mood to pain to sleep. It governs our immune system. I know from personal experience that my day is dependent on the well-being of my gut. Happy gut – happy body, happy mind.

At the core of our oral systemic wellness program is inflammation. Inflammation drives dementia
and cardiovascular disease and two of the main contributors to inflammation are the
airway/sleep disorders and a dirty mouth.

How do we fit into the equation?
We are committed to opening your airway, increasing oxygenation allowing deep sleep and also
getting rid of the microorganisms that you have in your mouth.

It is not by coincidence that the bad bugs in our mouth are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in low
oxygen environments. When we open the airway and increase systemic oxygen, it helps to
reduce these bad bugs from the inside out, lowering inflammation and reversing chronic

These pathogens cause gum infection putting you at risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes,
birth complications and diabetes. In order to get rid of oral high risk pathogens, we will create a
personalized treatment plan involving treatment of periodontal disease, laser periodontal
therapy and tray delivery system.

After you are free of this bacterium, you will go on a customized oral hygiene aids to help disrupt
the colonization and hiding places of the high risk pathogens that threaten your oral and
systemic health, by maintaining your daily home oral care.

By working with our colleagues who monitor blood markers for inflammation, we are able to
keep track of how well we are doing to bring systemic inflammation down to ideal levels to keep
you at your best health.

What does this all mean?
Although it may seem trivial and completely unrelated, your oral health has a significant impact
on your general and overall well being. The term “oral” encompasses oral pathogens, the gums,
tongue, cheeks, tonsils and adenoids, soft palate and throat as well as the nose and sinuses. In
order to achieve this, an open airway is required from the nose down past the soft palate and
tongue. Also involved is the cervical spine or neck which is the back wall of the airway.
To make matters more interesting, when our noses are congested due to a cold, allergies or a
deviated septum and enlarged turbinates, our tongue becomes more susceptible to collapsing
the airway. This creates negative pressure which can pull acid out of the stomach exacerbating
a variety of problems due to reflux.

The system needs to stay in balance.

In order to ensure that patients are moving in the right direction to maintain oral systemic
wellness, we do follow ups on sleep tests, blood and saliva testing. CIMT (Carotid Intima-Media
Thickness Test) is also to measure carotid artery health.

We work with cardiovascular and dementia prevention practitioners as well as nutritionists and
health coaches. We also work with an array of other health professionals who share the same

At The Gelb Center our entire team is trained in AirwayCentric® Dentistry, Oral/Systemic
Wellness and Anti-Inflammatory Dentistry. We strive for uncompromising excellence by
consistently ensuring the best possible patient outcome.

If you are interested in “Complete Health Dentistry” and are seeking an oral systemic wellness hygienist please feel contact the best in class, top rated specialist, Dr. Michael Gelb today.

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