Braces-Orthodontist-NYCOrthodontic braces treatments are available to patients of all ages. Almost 3/4 of of orthodontic braces patients are adults.

In terms if braces for children, in accordance with the American Association of Orthodontists, The Gelb Center recommends that children have their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of 3-4. With early evaluation and diagnosis, children can achieve optimal orthodontic results.

 Early treatment provides a range of benefits and often means that a patient can avoid surgery or other serious complications. There is, of course, no age limit for orthodontic treatment as both children and adults benefit from orthodontic braces. As such, our office accommodates orthodontic patients of all ages.

There are two major types of orthodontic braces for adults and kids: fixed braces and removable braces. There are also very popular contemporary treatments such as  “invisible” braces, Invisalign, and traditional (visible) braces. If you are a candidate for braces, our orthodontists will recommend the type of braces that are best suited for you.

For the vast majority of our Upper East Side NYC orthodontic braces  patients, wearing fixed appliances (commonly called braces) will be a major part of their orthodontic treatment — and those braces, for the most part, will be the familiar silvery-metal type. But while they’re still quite popular, traditional-looking metal braces are no longer the only game in town.  Let’s have a look at some of the contemporary options available in orthodontic appliances.

The most popular types of braces offered by The Gelb Center in NYC include:

  • Straight Wire Braces: Straight Wire braces are the most common type of braces used by orthodontists as well as the most inexpensive type of braces.
  • Edgewise Braces: With these braces you can create your own colorful combination of elastics for your braces. These braces are the most commonly elected type of orthodontic brace by teenage patients.
  • Lingual Braces (“Invisible Braces”): The orthodontic term ‘lingual’ refers to the attachment of braces on the inner surface of the tooth, inside the mouth where they cannot be seen. Your teeth can be straightened by an orthodontist without worrying about your appearance. These braces are most commonly elected by the adult orthodontic braces candidates if they do not qualify for Invisalign™ braces.
  • Clear Braces: Often referred to as “Ceramic Braces” these clear braces are made of translucent (clear) material and are vaguely noticeable. These braces are most popular with our adult orthodontic braces patients due to their cosmetic appeal.
  • Functional Braces: Functional braces only work in growing children and adolescents. Functional braces may be necessary to correct very protruding upper or lower front teeth, improve the way molar teeth bite together, or even improve your facial profile so that the jaws look more aligned with each other when you look at the face in profile.
  • Removable Braces: Removable braces click onto your teeth and can be removed when necessary. This type of brace is usually only used for the upper teeth and is limited in its capabilities. It is necessary for the Uppper East Side, NYC orthodontist to determine if you are a candidate for removable orthodontic braces.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign® is the most contemporary orthodontic braces technology to straighten misaligned teeth in an almost invisible way, without wires or metal braces. Invisalign is an extremely popular type of braces elected by adults. Additional brands of “clear aligners” are available.
  • Clear Aligners: As an alternative to the fixed type of orthodontic appliances mentioned above, clear aligners are removable. They are actually a series of clear plastic “trays” that fit over your teeth exactly. Each tray is part of a series of trays that move your teeth a little bit at a time until they are in the proper position. Your trays are designed with the help of specialized computer software that generates a virtual model of your bite.

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